Focus Topic 5

Focus Topic 5: Sustainable and affordable power electronics

Focus Topic Chair:
Focus Topic Co-Chair:

Mohamed BENBOUZID, IRDL Université de Bretagne Occidentale
Demba DIALLO, GeePS Université Paris-Saclay

In the context of environmentally friendly energy technologies, the design of power converters is focused on sustainability and efficiency. Indeed, they aim to minimize environmental impact, maximize resource use, and embrace the principles of frugality and circular economy.

Moreover, they must address sustainability issues by promoting recyclability. Furthermore, advanced monitoring systems should assess health in real-time, diagnose faults, and predict the remaining useful life. This holistic approach to design and maintenance underlines the commitment to a greener, more resilient energy infrastructure.

In this context, this focus topic aims to bring together experts to share ideas on the roadmap to pave the way for sustainability, frugality, and resilience in power converters.


5.a)  Design of Sustainable and/or Frugal Power Converters
5.b)  Dynamic Life Cycle Analysis and Assessment
5.c)  Recycling: Challenges and Methodologies
5.d)  Circular Economy
5.e)  State of Health: Online Monitoring, Failure Diagnosis and Prognosis, Remaining Useful Life Prediction