Focus Topic 6

Focus Topic 6: Energy transition and societal change

Focus Topic Chair:
Focus Topic Co-Chair:

Betty LEMAIRE-SEMAIL, L2EP Université Lille

Decarbonization of the main energy-consuming sectors is a top priority of the 2015 Paris Agreement and the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

As Europe points out, interdisciplinarity effectively lifts societal barriers, promotes an efficient response to complex problems, especially when it comes to sustainability and transitions.

Technological solutions alone, which are also scientifically relevant, cannot be effective without broad societal support, without society being involved and participating in these profound paradigm shifts, in a holistic approach.

The proposed central theme aims to bring together experts from the academic world of different disciplines, engineering sciences and humanities and social sciences to enrich the policy guidelines on energy transition.


6.a)  Smart Electromobility and Sustainable Development (Government Policies and Incentives related to E-Mobility
6.b)  Energy Efficiency, Environmental Impact and Acceptability of Energy Sobriety
6.c)  Policy Instruments and Institutional Regimes for the Complete Decarbonization of Energy Systems
6.d)  Energy Transition Economy and Social Sustainability of the Energy Transition
6.e)  New Paradigms in the Use of Electrical Energy (New Consumers)
6.f)  Sustainable Power Electronics Engineering Education